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You've never been one to take the status quo with a teaspoon of sugar.

Nope. Not you.

You spit that sh#t ouuuut. 

There's a fire in your heart and belly that's hard to define.

Actually... there are no words that would do it justice.

You've always been like this.

A glorious square peg.

It was hard when you were younger...

But you've grown into it and it looks pretty freaking awesome on you.

And of course... you've carved out a life and biz that's unique AF.

What you've created is amazing.

There's a part of you that really want's to kill it in business.

But, you're also becoming aware of some things that are holding you back.

Thoughts... Beliefs... Actions....

Big shifts are all around and in the air...

You're feeling the urgency of the times we live in.

Is it wrong to want to make a big difference in the world AND make bank?

No. No it's NOT WRONG.

You probably even agree with me on the surface,

I mean... who doesn't want more money freedom?

Meaning... MORE FREEDOM.

But it hasn't happened...


Are you ready for your next level of f#ck yeah?

Good, cos you gotta be hungry to go where I'll take you.

Transform Your Mindset.

Hi, I'm Rachel

I help women transform their relationship with money and success on a deep and lasting level by clearing their hidden root causes to money blocks. 

Doing that allows them to embrace their gifts wholeheartedly and open-up to the limitless possibilities that await them.

I believe that this is the foundation of any profitable business that feels GOOD to run. And Isn't that what you want!

Here's How I Rock With My Clients

See & Acknowledge

I will help you see your vision clearly. We will honestly assess where you are today. 

We will change your current reality by working on your mindset, but we go a lot deeper than just mindset. This isn't superficial work. Be ready for big shifts.

Clear & Heal

We will look at any blocks, walls, ceilings and/or mine fields in the way of your vision with love and courage, and we will CLEAR THAT GUNK.

This frees up so much energy that's been siphoned off previously. Healing every single money wound in our path.

Create & Build

We will re-calibrate you energetically so that you become a match for your visions.

Holding the space for your dreams to germinate and take root, that's what I was born to do. From this space we create with LOVE and can start implementing BIG BOLD action.



It can take you out of your comfort zone but it's the actual stretch that you need

Working with Rachel gave me so much clarity into the unseen blocks that had been holding me back for so long and it motivated me to take action on a bigger scale

I was aware I had money blocks but wasn't sure how to shift the biggest one that I was aware of. Rachel really helped me get into the unconscious memories that built this belief. I found it easier to take action while working with her and we cleared some very long held memories that I didn't realize I was still holding onto that were causing me money trauma. I even did a quarterly plan which I haven't been able to do in 2 years even though I always had the intention to. I got so much clarity, awareness, and motivation of where I am heading and how I have been sabotaging myself it is incredible.

It can take you out of your comfort zone but it's the actual stretch that you need

Rachel will rock your world!

Sam Livermore , Gladiator of Love | #sharethelove

I obtained clarity and objectivity on my money story

Rachel has a wonderfully warm and caring approach, coupled with a no nonsense down to earth attitude so you feel safe to let it all out, even the ugly gremlins. I would highly recommend her if you had no idea why your business wasn't improving how it should.

After the first call, I felt tons of energy shifts. It was like a massive weight lifted that I had no idea I was carrying. I can move much more decisively with regards money actions than before. I obtained clarity and objectivity on my money story.

Jacqui Harwood , Principal Therapist, CEO/Founder | CarnioParis

I'm inspired and ready to take action!

Rachel lovingly guided me through steps that helped me to see the bigger picture of me and my money. She allowed me to feel all that I felt and honored every emotion in such a spirit that I felt truly seen and heard. Her wise words and big heart inspired me to see my situation from a new perspective and shifted my perception. I'm inspired and ready to take action!

I was stuck knee deep in a swamp with my money issues, repeating the same record in my head about the negative aspects of it. During our work together I started to open up and realize how many treasures as lessons my struggles had inside. I felt honored and loved and valued working with Rachel and truly heard and seen. She pointed out in a clear, loving and wise way what was so true about my situation that it nudged me onward and made me feel even more deeply heard and seen which is so precious. With Rachel, I had the space to pause and tell exactly how I felt and get grounded and then continue. I feel more inspired, I've had a flow of new ideas pouring in and I feel like the burden I've been carrying for so long has started to lift. It's definitely opened up more possibilities.

Elina Puohiniemi , Artist | Elina P

She could hear beyond what I was saying

I had an EFT session with Rachel to get to the root of my money blocks and it was amazing! I'm so glad I did this with her.

Not only is she a compassionate listener, but she could hear beyond what I was saying to really help me find the root of the block that I have been trying to figure out for so long! She then did the tapping with me and the way she expressed my blocks and subsequently led me to release them was awesome!

I am SO grateful for this session and would really recommend her to anyone !"

Tanya Arler , Catalyst for Change | Tanya Arler

Bloody hell, I recommend working with Rachel

The problem is never the problem - when Rachel and I worked together it wasn't about the money per se. Knowing and trusting Rachel I was able to sit back and trust that she would shave-off years of fighting through the bullshit foliage of my mind.

I was shocked though at how I had managed to bury certain situations so deeply that no amount of self-analysis or inquiry would have unraveled this long-held fear of visibility which was so directly contributing to my money story.

By the end of our time together I had cried, I had laughed and finally had made peace with a part of my personal story that I had no idea needed to be acknowledged. Let alone healed.

Rachel's gentle but persistent probing created a freedom from within.

Allison Reiner , Relationship Coach | Allison Reiner

Miracles can happen

I was shown deep insights that I couldn't see on my own. Deep hidden programs have been found by Rachel effortlessly and she helped me release them and rewrite the programs.

From having pain, feeling small and useless and being overwhelmed and confused, going into deep emotional beliefs and programs from childhood, I started crying during the process and feeling emotions that have ever been blocked for me. Emotions that I could never feel before and that released so much for me. After the process, I was very quiet and deeply touched. It resulted in a huge breakdown 2 days later. After going through this I now feel like I'm a newborn baby. It's not the end of that journey but another great step forward.

Rachel is one of the most intuitive persons when it comes to finding the core issues. Besides the fact that she is simply loving and deeply caring about her clients. You can fully trust her and if you are open and willing to do the work, miracles can happen.

Martina Waidhas , Healer & Coach | We Make You Happy

Rachel helped unlock a toxic money block that I was unaware of

Rachel is kind, generous and has a wonderful gentle yet powerful energy and I felt completely supported at all times. She's completely committed to unlocking abundance in every sense of the word. She's amazing.

Rachel helped unlock a toxic money block that I was unaware of.

Alison Smith , Astrologer & Author | Alison Smith

She is a tremendous weight-lifter

Working with Rachel revealed a deep-seated and long-standing issue with blame and shame around 'Im not good enough and never will be good enough.'

I was eager to work with Rachel. I was confident that we could break through some barriers together. I was willing to be transparent and open so we could discover what was at the core and work with it.

Relief and freedom were feelings I had when we finished and they were amplified an hour or so after we completed. I know I am enough... in fact, I can do anything and am shifting my energy with each passing moment to support that.

I would recommend Rachel to everyone. Though we worked through the money map system, she helped me discover much more. I trust Rachel with my core expressions and she delivers a safe environment and a cocoon of firm and loving energy. She takes raw and evocative emotions and helps you shift them into safe expressions and hopeful possibilities. She is a tremendous weight-lifter. She has helped me ease years of self-abuse as I have been in denial and suppressing my emotions. She opened the door to help me realize the strength of my vulnerability.

Jean Hamilton-Fford , Personal Transformational Development Coach

What Makes Working With Me Different?

I can hear all the stuff you're NOT SAYING and pick up on damaging patterns, sometimes lifelong, sometimes generational, that you haven't noticed. 

I'm highly intuitive and a straight shooter. Candy coating your blocks will not serve you.

This work will require you to be REALLY vulnerable and it will feel raw at times. I promise you 

my unfettered compassion, empathy and non-judgement.

This is the container I build for us to work inside of.

This work is serious, but that doesn't exclude joy, laughter and levity from infusing the sessions. Have you ever laughed after a big emotional release? It's exquisite because it's REAL.

And I want to tell you this right here and right now. 

You are perfect. Today. In this very moment. You don't need any "fixing".


I see you in your absolute perfection, and all the possibilities for you... they take my breath away.

I merely help you release what doesn't belong to you, what doesn't serve you any longer, what's holding you back in a powerful and transformational way.